Are there certifications for driving schools?

In Victoria, Australia, individual driving instructors must be certified. However, driving schools are not. Driving schools are simply businesses that give you access to driving instructors who hold the Driving Instructor Authority (DIA) qualification, which is granted by the Victorian Taxi Directorate. If you plan to use a driving school, then find out what kind of value they’re adding to your experience as a learner driver.

Does the driving school require more from their instructors than simply a DIA? Are they required to have a certain amount of experience? Do they undergo additional training? Are they required to stay up to date with changes in the laws and testing procedures that govern drivers’ training and licensure? Are they evaluated regularly? Does the school provide information on their pass percentages or on their teaching styles? Does the school have that kind of information available as a composite? Does the school have a special teaching philosophy or method that it uses? Does it have a good reputation? Does the school offer special facilities or group classes that could help with your learning experience?

All of these are important questions to ask if you’re a beginning driver who’s looking for the right driving school.

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