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In the past, drivers’ testing was less stringent than it is today.  Young people were given licenses if they could demonstrate basic skills and knowledge, and they developed their own driving styles as they gained practical experience.  In their first few years on the road, many young drivers were either terrified or overconfident and dangerous.

Today, much more stringent licensing requirements have been put into place in an attempt to make the roads safer.  These new standards demand high levels of safety and consistency from new drivers.  There’s a written test, 120 twenty hours of documented driving experience, a hazard perception test, a Practical Driving Test, and finally four years on a provisional license before a new driver is finally considered fully qualified.

If you’re a new driver, then all of this may sound intimidating.  It should.  You will not pass the practical driving test and be granted a provisional license unless you can prove that you’re already an experienced driver.  More importantly, you won’t pass the practical driving test unless you’re competent, confident, and drive in the style the testers are looking for.  They’ll want to see you look at your mirrors, signal, and perform actions in a precise and specific way, in order and at a certain speed.  The experienced, licensed drivers who may have taught young people to drive in the past – parents, relatives, and friends – will probably not be able to teach them how to pass to today’s practical driving test.

Additionally, it can be frustrating and difficult for a parent to teach their young adult child a complex new skill.  It’s often best for a neutral party to do the teaching, and it can help meet the 120 hour driving requirement as well.  Few people have the time and opportunity to spend 120 hours in the passenger seat as their child drives.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a qualified driving instructor.  A professional driving instructor has the skills and knowledge to help a new driver become confident and competent behind the wheel.  They’ll know how to coach a new driver calmly and patiently.  They can communicate the details of actions and manoeuvres that most experienced drivers have performed automatically and without thought for decades and would struggle to explain to a new driver.  They know all of the detailed, up to date rules that new drivers are judged by during the practical test.  A professional instructor can make learning to drive and the process of earning a license into a more comfortable and predictable experience.

Hi-way driving school has been serving the northern suburbs of Melbourne for over thirty years.  We have only the most highly qualified, well trained and dependable instructors.  We’re always happy to answer your questions about the licensing process, and we’d be happy to help you make the licensing process as smooth and low stress as possible.

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