Driving lessons are necessary to pass today’s challenging driving test

In the past, most young people were taught to drive by family members, and perhaps took group lessons as well. This gave them a high enough level of skill and knowledge to pass the practical driving test. However, many of the rules have changed since then, the test has become stricter, and with the new graduated system, it’s more difficult and onerous to earn a full driver’s license.

For most young drivers, parents and other family members help out with the 120 hours of documented, accompanied driving experience that’s needed in order to earn a probationary license. However, lessons with a professional driving instructor are usually required in order for young people learn and fully internalise the specific habits that are needed to pass the test.

Many of these practices, for example in the use of mirrors, direct observation, gap size selection, following distance, and the timing of signals, may differ from common practice and from what was taught in past decades. The testers do track these details very closely, and people taking the test can fail if they do  not perform the tasks they’re asked to correctly, according to currently approved practices. Don’t take chances. Make sure that you’ve learned to do things right way for the test.

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