How do driving school instructors earn their qualifications?

When you’re looking for a Victoria, Australia driving instructor, look for someone who has been granted up-to-date Driving Instructor Authority (DIA) from the Victorian Taxi Directorate. Potential driving instructors must hold a full Victoria driver’s licence, obtain a medical certificate, have a clean driving record, and pass a police check. Driving instructors who plan to work with students under 18 years of age must also pass a Working with Children Check.

Victoria driving instructors go through a rigorous process of training. They need to successfully complete the  “Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics Road Transport (Car Driving Instruction)” course, which was designed by the Victoria government, but is delivered by partner organisations. The course includes 360 hours of course work including:

  • 60 hours on safe driving behaviours
  • 60 hours on developing safe driving behaviours in others
  • 60 hours of workplace orientation
  • 40 hours on instruction and demonstration of skills
  • 40 hours on designing and developing learning programs
  • 35 hours on delivering and monitoring service to customers
  • 30 hours on maintaining business records
  • 20 hours on following Occupational Health and Safety procedures
  • 20 hours on working in a socially diverse environment
  • 15 hours on how to facilitate individual learning
  • 10 hours on completing routine administrative tasks

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