How old should I be when I start driving lessons?

In Victoria, Australia, you must be 16 in order to receive your learner’s permit, which will be issued to you after you pass the theory test. Normally, people learn what they need to pass it by studying the handbook from VicRoads, “Road to Solo Driving.” Taking and passing the theory test before your sixteenth birthday will get things started as quickly as possible.

While you’re a learner, you must always have a fully licensed driver in the car with you, and you must display “L” plates. In order to be eligible for your P1 licence, you must log 120 hours of practice with experienced drivers, pass the practical driving test, and be 18 years of age.

Since you cannot be issued your P1 plates until you’re 18 years old, you have two years to practice, take lessons, and take the practical driving test. However, starting lessons at 16 is the best course of action for most people. It’s important to establish the driving habits that will help you pass the practical test right away. Letting family members and friends teach you the basics might start you off with bad habits that you’ll need to unlearn later.

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