Important Steps to Obtain Your Drivers License

Earning a full drivers license in Victoria is a long and difficult process these days, especially for young people.

If you’re a young person hoping to get a full driver’s license in Victoria, then first you’ll need to pass a written test to prove that you know the rules of the road.  Then you’re granted a learner’s permit.  If you’re under 21, you need to document 120 hours on the road with an experienced driver before you’re allowed to take the hazard perception test and the practical driving test.  Finally, you’ll be granted a provisional license.  You will not receive a full drivers license until you’ve driven for at least four years on a provisional license.

Before the Learner’s Permit

If you’re 16 years old or more, then you can take to first step in becoming a licensed driver: passing the written exam, which tests your knowledge of the rules of the road.  It’s based on the ‘Road to Solo Driving Handbook.’  You will receive your learner’s permit once you’ve passed the test and filled out and sent in the ‘Application for a Licence or Learner Permit,’ which also requires you to take an eye exam.  There are fees involved as well: around $60 total.

Before the Provisional License

For most people, the practical driving test is the most intimidating part of the licensing process.  With the new, more stringent requirements, many learners require more than one attempt before they’re able to pass their driving test.  The best way to be prepared is to be familiar with the process and know what to expect.

Before you’re eligible to take the practical test,

  1. you must have held your learner’s permit for at least a year if you’re 18-21 years old, six months if you’re 21-25, or three months if you’re over 25.
  2. you must have 120 documented practice hours (at least 10 after dark) with a licensed driver in the passenger’s seat if you’re 18-21 years old.
  3. you must have passed the computerised Hazard Perception Test within the past year.

With the new, more stringent practical driving test, having a qualified driving instructor as one of your supervising experienced drivers is almost mandatory.  You’ll need to do more than master basic driving skills.  You’ll need to learn to drive exactly as the testers prefer, with mirror check, signalling, and other actions performed in order and properly timed.

Each attempt at the practical test costs a little over $50, and you can register for it online at the Vicroads website.

Before the Full License

You’ll need to drive for at least four years before receiving your full license, one year on a red probationary license and three on a green probationary license.  If you drive safely and without incident, then you’ll be granted a full license.

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