Preparing For Your Learner Drivers Test

If you’re aiming to get a driver’s license in Victoria, Australia, the first step is to earn a learner permit.  Once you have a learner permit, you can begin practising for your practical driving exam.  In order to be eligible for a learner permit in Victoria, you must be at least sixteen years of age, be a Victoria resident, present the required identification, and pass a written test on the rules of the road.

In order to study for the written test, you’ll need “The Road to Solo Driving” handbook.  It’s available for sale on the Vicroads website, in government offices and bookshops, and in some privately owned bookstores.  There are guides available to help you study, too, available both from Vicroads and from other sources.

There are three fees associated with obtaining a learner’s permit: an appointment fee, a learner permit test fee, and a learner permit card fee.  In full, they will cost you around $60.  In order to register for the learner test, you’ll have to provide a passport or birth certificate and a minimum of one piece of supporting identification, for example, a Medicare card, bank card, student ID, or bank statement.  At least one of these documents must have your signature.

The learner permit test is made up of 32 questions, and you need to get 78% of them correct in order to pass.  The questions are based on the information in the “Road to Solo Driving Handbook,” so if you study the book carefully, you should be able to pass the exam.  The test is administered at Vicroads Customer Services Offices as a computer-based test, and it is also offered by some outside Accredited Providers as a paper-based exam.

After passing the written exam, you will need to acquire a copy of the “Application for a Licence or Learner Permit” form.  It’s available for download on  There’s a section of the form that needs to be filled out by an optometrist who has tested your vision, and you’ll also have to confirm that you passed the written test.  You’ll need to send out for your learners permit within a year of passing your written test, or the results will become invalid.

Once you’ve received your learner’s permit, then you can put ‘L’s on your car and start acquiring documented, supervised driving experience in preparation for the practical driving test.

Licensed drivers from overseas and previously licensed Victoria drivers may to subject to different rules.  Please call Hi-way driving school with any questions you may have concerning your specific situation.

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