What happens on your first driving lesson?

There are a few things you can expect on your first driving lesson. First, don’t be nervous, you are in capable hands! Your first lesson will be your introduction into driving. Most of your lesson will be spent talking about driving and what to expect. We will go over all of the instructions for driving as well as discuss the schedule for your future driving classes. The first lesson will also be a quick assessment of your knowledge so that the instructor can become familiar with your current skill level. You may feel a little nervous your first go round; just keep in mind your instructor has already taught hundreds of other people how to drive. They are an expert and here to teach you how to become a licensed driver.

Your first driving lesson will also be your introduction into the basics of driving. Our instructor will educate you on the different parts of the car including the pedals, levers and buttons. In addition, our instructor will show you how to utilise your mirrors and other essential parts of the car. You will be introduced to any parts of the car that you are not familiar with so it will be an excellent opportunity for you to start learning!

Some students will get to take a short drive on their first lesson which may consist of going in a straight line. In addition, your instructor may do some driving manoeuvres for you to observe. If you do drive, the area will most likely be free of heavy traffic and safety is always our number one concern. If you are more of an advanced driver, your instructor may allow you to do more driving so they can observe where your weaknesses are. Helping our students feel comfortable behind the wheel is our top goal!

Your instructor will help you every step of the way and remember to have fun! Learning how to drive is a rite of passage and you may feel nervous about being behind the wheel. Your instructors will help ease your nerves and help you feel confident by teaching you the skills you need to learn how to drive! Being a learner is the first step to becoming a licensed driver. Just breathe, relax and absorb everything the instructor is teaching you and you will do just brilliant!

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